In the real Ribera del Duero
Wines that are true to their roots

We have been in Ribera del Duero since before the Denominación de Origen was created. Not only within the limits of the Regulatory Board, but on the banks of the Duero itself, in a natural meander that hugs the river for 2 km. Our vineyards rise up on the alluvial, boulder strewn, banks of the river, with our oldest plantings dating back 60 years.

So if you want to discover Ribera del Duero: you're in the right place.


D.O. Ribera del Duero

The Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin has held and regulated some 22,300 hectares of vineyards around the basin of the Duero river since 1982, it's an area whose winemaking tradition dates back over 2,500 years.

Ribera del Duero is famed for its red wines, particularly from the native Tinta del pais variety, which is capable of withstanding the region’s harsh climatic conditions, and of expressing all the nuances of terroir in the Ribera. The power and elegance of its wines has established Ribera del Duero as one of the most prestigious regions in the world, garnering the attention of connoisseurs and wine lovers the world over.

Our Domain

Our Domain

The climate

The unique climate of Ribera del Duero has a profound impact on the character of our wines. Our vineyards are situated 820 meters above sea level and enjoy a continental climate of hot summers and cold winters with a large difference in temperature between seasons. Rainfall is limited to between 400 and 600 mm per year. A high diurnal range between hot days and cool nights prolongs the ripening process. These factors result in excellent quality grapes that yield wines of deep colour and structure that are perfect for prolonged maturation.

Temperature icon
Extreme fluctuations between day and night
Seasons icon
Dry summers and long, severe winters
Precipitation icon
Insolation icon
2,400 hours of sun per year
Vista de una cepa y el suelo de Dominio Fournier
Vista panorámica de los viñedos
Substrate icon
Alluvial boulder (gravel)
Icono nutrientes
Poor in organic matter
Drainage icon
Excellent drainage
Good retention of the daily heat


Located on a alluvial terrace of the Duero river, our vineyards root down through a layer of boulder and gravel. This is poor ground with a high drainage capacity, which restricts the vine’s vegetative growth and encourages it to ripen its fruit, allowing us to obtain high-quality concentrated grapes.

Detalle de una cepa
Una de nuestras cepas de 60 años


The first vineyards were planted here in 1960. The extreme climate and the years gone by can be read in each training wound, giving the vines a strong personality which is conveyed to our wines


Low plantation density

Our 50 hectares of vineyard are divided into plots according to the specific features of each area. The majority of the vines are gobelet-trained at a density ranging from 1.100 to 2,900 plants per hectare.

Tinta del país

Tinta del país is more widely known as Tempranillo, it is the most important grape variety in Spain. Its qualities make it ideal for high altitude with strong temperature contrasts such as the Ribera del Duero.

Racimo de Tempranillo

Native variety

Excellent adaptation

Early maturity

High ageing capacity


You already know about our domain. Now it's time to discover another big reason behind the high quality of Dominio Fournier's wines: the thorough production process we use to express all the character from this privileged land.

The production